Dutch and Habro, Founded in 1993 Emerged as a consumer-centric enterprise, driven to excel in the dynamic landscape of fast-moving consumer goods, household protection against pests and insects, and industrial chemicals. The company also proudly holds ISO certification for its import and export operations.

``Do it Yourself``

DIY Technology

Since 1921, the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) concept has been integral to consumer culture, particularly in home improvement. The 1970s saw a surge in DIY adoption among North American college graduates in response to the Industrial Revolution, emphasizing individual control over technologies. Manufacturers responded with innovative approaches to product development and material reconstruction, emphasizing depictions, craftsmanship, and customization for independent use. The Dutch and Habro team dedicated time to researching and developing eco-friendly products in home care, personal care, and insecticides. With thousands of satisfied customers, our Eco-Friendly Home Care World Class products, featuring DIY Technology, are safe, user-friendly, and consistently recommended for their effectiveness.

``Solutions for a Greener Lifestyle``


At Dutch & Habro, we embody the essence of “Eco-Friendly” by aligning with the evolving consumer preference for sustainability. Our dedicated team responds to this trend by investing in innovative Eco-Friendly Home Care World Class products. Going beyond conventional standards, our offerings integrate cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices, ensuring high performance with minimal environmental impact. With the trust of our customers accumulated over the years, our commitment extends beyond products to empower individuals in making eco-conscious choices, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

``Safeguarding Health and Environment``

Poison Free

Dutch & Habro, a pioneering company, embodies the essence of “Poison-Free” living by championing safety, environmental health, and toxin elimination. Our commitment extends across industries, offering toxin-free alternatives in household cleaning, agriculture, and pest control. We prioritize effectiveness without compromising safety, utilizing natural and biodegradable elements. This aligns with our dedication to environmental responsibility and resonates with the increasing consumer awareness of choices that protect personal health and the planet. Dutch & Habro spearheads the Poison-Free movement, contributing to a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable world through innovative and eco-conscious solutions.

``Easy, Effective, and Enjoyable``

Easy To Use

We understand the value of simplicity and user-friendly experiences, embodying the principle of “Easy to Use” across our product range. Our commitment to this ethos ensures that our offerings are designed with the end user in mind, featuring intuitive interfaces, straightforward functionalities, and clear instructions. Whether it’s our cutting-edge technologies or everyday household solutions, our focus on “Easy to Use” enhances accessibility for users of all skill levels, making our products seamlessly integrate into their lives.

Save for pesticides free

Safe for kids & pets

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We create simple, innovative products that help individual people, families and communities to lead cleaner, healthier lives.

Inspired by the trust of our consumers, our brands are working every moment of every day to improve the hygiene, health and nutrition of people across the globe.



At Dutch & Habro, sustainability is integral to what we do, utilizing our products, programs, and partnerships to contribute to a cleaner, healthier world. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is embedded in every aspect, reflecting our dedication to a more sustainable future.



Social impact investment from 1993-2023



Still exceeding expectations & developing new items

Home Care Essentials

Effective Pest Control Solutions

Say goodbye to unwanted pests with our effective pest control solutions.
Protect your home and peace of mind with our proven methods.

DIY Evolution

Since 1921, DIY culture, rooted in home improvement, expanded in the ’70s among North American graduates in response to industrial changes, shaping an ongoing tech-savvy subculture adopted by manufacturers.

Innovative Self-Reliance

Dutch and Habro prioritize innovative, self-reliant product development. With a focus on uniqueness and craftsmanship, they aim for independent usability, reducing the need for experts. Evolving for consumer empowerment.

Sustainable Solutions

Eco-Friendly DIY Products: Home care, personal care, and insecticides. Satisfied customers recommend our safe, easy-to-use solutions. Trusted for years. Join the eco-friendly revolution and make a positive impact today.

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Driven to do good

At Dutch & Habro, we believe in our ​people’s passion and power to ​drive positive change – for themselves, our business and our planet.

That’s why we foster a diverse, dynamic culture where everyone has the trust and support they need to own their impact, grow further faster and get more from life.

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